Platypus Workshop Day 3

Dirck Halstead talks to students about sequencing and storytelling during the third day of the Platypus workshop at Texas State.

Dirck Halstead (left) discusses how to approach a video story with Elisabeth Fall and Jack Hubbard.

Elisabeth Fall (right) and Jack Hubbard listen to a critical session during the Platypus workshop.

Lee Rector listens to a key point in the sequencing process.

Dudley Harris listens to a Platypus presentation.

Lee Rector (right) and Shari Hambleton listen to a key point in the sequencing process during the Platypus workshop.

Captured in the glow of a projector Platypus director Dirck Halstead discusses the shooting process.

Julia Xanthos from New York Daily News listens to a Platypus presentation at Texas State University.

Platypus student Misty Keasler listens to an instruction session during the 2011 Platypus workshop.


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