Caitlin McWeeney, running for Vice President

Hi, I’m Caitlin McWeeney and I’m running for Vice President! Growing up as the kid of two photographers it was hard to avoid being behind the lens (as much as I tried to avoid it ; ) ) but eventually I gave in and I haven’t regretted a single moment. Photography is a huge passion of mine, probably the number one thing that occupies my life : ) I have previous officer position experience at Texas State and I’m good with Twitter/Facebook and WordPress blogs. I am a journalism senior here, but I won’t be graduating till May 2011 and after two years of being a PAWS Preview (freshman orientation) leader, I think I can handle helping run a student organization. : ) I have no problem being the “producer” and working with Tina to build this fantastic organization that the university has been missing for quite a while.

I love being a staff photographer at the Star; it is my dream to become a press photographer even though the pay is crap. I hope that as Vice President I can help those in this organization network with media professionals and swing a cool job after graduation.


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