2 things: officer elections, summer workshops

Hey everyone,

1. Officer Elections
On Wednesday we went over officer positions for the club. If you’d like to run, please email me a short biography about yourself/experience you’ve had with visual journalism. Elections will be held at the next meeting on Wednesday, May 5th, so email me asap so I can post it on the Txstate NPPA blog and other members can get to know you. If you think any officer description should be changed, or if you think the club needs any other officer positions, please let me know, I’m open to suggestions!

Here are the officer positions (one term = one semester, we will hold elections at the end of each semester):
Vice President: (shares same leadership duties with president) Create meeting schedules and make arrangements for guest speakers, Coordinate and supervise social activities/group events; Keep track of attendance at meetings and events (and provide a copy of data to the Secretary); Build and maintain a web presence for the group to include Twitter, Facebook, and blog; Serve as liaison with the NPPA National Organization and Texas State University in the event of the president’s absence.

Secretary: Responsible for all internal communication and information distribution; Record meeting minutes and give minutes to the officer; Responsible for all formal external correspondence to defined audiences (i.e. guest speaker invitations, thank you notes, email blasts to members); Maintain accurate and current email lists/contact info for membership.

Treasurer: Responsible for the management of the organization’s bank account(s); Collect and distribute funds (accounts payable and receivable); Conceptualize and coordinate fundraising activities; Coordinate with the NPPA National Organization and Texas State University to get funds allocated to student chapter; Maintain an accurate accounting system and give monthly financial updates to the group.

2. Summer Workshops
We also talked a bit about plans for the summer. It seems most students will be taking summer school at Texas State or will be around San Marcos during the summer. Ideally, I’d like to start doing some of the workshops then…students generally only have one or two classes and have more free time, plus the School of Journalism and Mass Communication will have equipment available to us since there aren’t as many classes using cameras. We will start off going into the basics of still photography with DSLRs, move into audio production/Soundslide, and eventually shoot video/edit in Final Cut.

I’m planning to have the next meeting/election day on Wednesday, May 5th at 6pm. It’s a dead day, so everyone should be able to attend. Please let me know whether or not this is a good date for you, I know it’s tough scheduling a meeting close to final exams so I’d like to hear some input.


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